How do I use a gauge on a Pilot Press

I just purchased a gauge from NA Graphics for my pilot press and don’t know how to use it. Does anyone know of how to use this roller gauge on a Pilot Press?


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I don’t have a pilot press but I can’t imagine its too different from what I do with my New Style. Ink the press, position the rollers (without a chase and form locked up) in the middle of bed where the chase goes. Then slide the gauge between the rollers and turn it to pull it back out and then look at how much ink is on the gauge (I aim for somewhere around .25 inch or so, I never really thought about it as a measurement but im sure its in that area… Then Repeat for each roller, I do each roller twice (once each side). In one of the books I read they did the middle too but I dont usually.

Box Car Press has a video on their website demonstrating how to use a roller gauge on a platen press.