montreal letterpress community

I recently moved to Montreal and am surprised to see there are hardly any letterpress or book art resources in the this city. If there are any actual paper enthusiasts who live here who would like to discuss what can be done about this, I’m game.

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crazy, i was just feeling the same way
i’m looking to move to montreal next summer and i heart the letterpress
perhaps if not around by then we could collaborate to begin a community print shop!

mad love

Montreal might be quiet, but just down the road in Ottawa is the Ottawa Press Gang with 10 ‘gangsters’ doing letterpress. Ottawa is also home to the Bytown Book Artists (BBA) who cover thae spectrum from papermaking to book binders. The BBA are planning a trip to Montreal in the Spring. More details if you are interested. SHQ

A thought for you: try reaching out to David Carruthers, at Papeterie St.-Armand, in Montreal. He may be a source of names in a wider letterpress community in and around Montreal. He’s a good guy and I’ve used various of his papers in my work.