Rollers from American Printing Supply?

Anyone have any experience with using rollers from American Printing Supply? I’m looking to get new rubber rollers for a C&P Pilot.


image: AmericanPrintingRubberLetterpressrollers.jpg


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I use these rollers at The Arm and like them a lot. And you can’t beat the price!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks! I was a little concerned about ordering them since the price was cheaper that I had expected.

Spinoff newbie question:
What do the dimensions in the product listings represent? That is, where it says 6x10, is that the size of the roller? Circumference x Length?

Reason I’m asking is I’m considering designing rollers into my new homebrew press and it’d be nice to build it with a sort of “standard size.” $100 for the set is a totally doable price, too!


Grant- the roller designations indicate the size of the press that they go on, not the dimensions of the roller itself. Typically, this is the chase size of the press, but not always. Thus a “5 x 8 Roller” is not actually 5” x 8”. It will probably be about 8 or 8.5 inches long, but that’s about all you can determine.

To get the exact sizes, you need to contact the vendor or measure existing rollers.

Ah, that makes perfect sense. Duh!

To bad american doesn’t have my size roller….

I bought three rollers from them for my C&P a while back and the cores were too wide for my trucks (both the Delrins and Morgan Expansion trucks from NA Graphics). In the end, they were a waste. I am hoping this was just a fluke and that everyone else has had luck with them.

Forget rubber rollers…composition are the best for small letterpresses. Composition rollers are much softer for small presses and are especially suited for printing where there is an uneven plate and/or type, and when printing a numbering machine with an “No.” plunger! They also make operating a small press much easier as you don’t require as much tension on the roller springs! But DON’T wash composition rollers with any sort of offset blanket wash, offset press wash, or anything similar as this will in time harden the rollers to the point of them being useless. Over many years, I’ve found a mix of gasoline and kerosine to be the best. If gasoline is an issue, kerosine alone works well. For those who find either of these to have an objectionable odor, torch fuel, which is kerosine with a scent added is also good.