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If you add a couple of pieces of brass...13 Jan
Hello Steve, The image is showing...3 Dec
Great point, Mike. I wholeheartedly...29 Nov
Thanks for posting this, Fritz. There...28 Nov
Nice work, Dave!28 Oct
Janie, You may also try contacting...28 Oct
This is clearly in need of serious...27 Oct
Back in the day we had American Coaster...14 Sep
The inking carriage includes an...11 Sep
Can you post a couple of pictures? Some...26 Aug
My guess would be that the eccentrics...26 Aug
I got a nice 14x20 chase from John...4 Aug
Despite the fact that it is physically...22 Jul
This setup could be good for printing...21 Jul
Stevens Type and Press was a Boston...23 Jun
There seem to be a lot of good type...18 May
Lassco, the manufacturer, is still in...14 Apr
A great reply from Bowne. I would...23 Mar
Hi Tony, See the bolt hole at the far...6 Mar
Hi Steve, I'm so glad you had the...12 Jan
I think 'pole' likely stems from...22 Dec
I was thinking these might be Delrin...11 Dec
I would also suggest making sure that...10 Dec
Fritz, I remember seeing Howard's zinc...8 Dec
You might try contacting T&T Press...16 Nov
You might want to try to find a product...29 Oct
It looks like you are working on a #4...29 Oct
Hello Rob, The motor can be replaced...29 Oct
Peter, I'd totally go halves on it...27 Oct
Oh that was fun. Too bad it is pick up...27 Oct
Hello! I would suggest you come in for...27 Oct
If you think Linotype might work, you...19 Oct
Hi Laura, For a moderately painful...18 Oct
ATF had strict in house checks for...18 Oct
I feel like someone was on here looking...16 Oct
The C&P is not a parallel impression...3 Oct
Sorry to be giving unsolicited advice...8 Sep
You got it! Congrats on the new press!2 Sep
Hi Jeff, The cylinder is engaged on...2 Sep