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So that I may understand you correctly, if I needed to use a file for commercial use, I’ll have to pay $36 plus the cost of the file, for every file I may wish to use? Or am I completely off course here?

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Hi ANBurgin,

Thanks for asking. You’re just about right: we ask $36 for commercial use of each ornament that is marked free (for personal use) or for sale for $16. There are no other costs. (More info.)

To be precise, a commercial license for one ornament is $20 more than the given price, or $36 if the ornament is free to download, which most are. There are no limitations on your use of the ornament in your commercial work once you’ve purchased a license. All we ask is that you do not redistribute the vector files.

The commercial license fee supports the free services at the heart of our mission.

Thank you very much for the response!

I would like to use some of your cuts and caps on my Blogger blog, and I’m still browing for something special. I don’t intend to add the AdSense feature, so there’ll be no ads on it.
I understand the Commons License, and a backlink will be posted on the main page. I’m glad that I can use colour and adjust the size of the image.

However, I’d appreciate if you can clarify this for me. Is a blog considered non-commercial use?

Thanks in advance.

If your blog is promoting your sales or creating income, it would be considered commercial. If it is just personal notes, it is not commercial.

Hope this clarifies it for you. - E

Hi Elizabeth
Belated thanks for responding (I had misplaced my password). A new and Briar-ed header will flourish my notes. Thank you so much for the free option!

Hi, Eric. I think about buying some licenses eps in the future for some projects. Well, my question is: I can not redistribute the files vectior, I know and agree. But, I can reassemble the vectors (with others of my own design) in a digital font, which will be sold?