Ideal paper cutter manual

Does anybody know where to find a manual for the ideal 7228-a paper cutter. I have no idea how to program this thing, This is the model with the program controller mounted on a stalk.

Thanks in advance,

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I just want to know if you got any respond to your inqueri? I have an old 7228 -A and dont know how to program it.

Hope you got your respond.

Arni Helgason
[email protected]

Hi -
I have a partial user’s manual that is a crude, faxed copy. It does not contain ALL of the pages, but it DOES have the info on programming the CNC controls.


By the way, if you look on the left side of the cutter where the electrical fuse box is, you can remove that access panel. On my machine, there is a clear plastic pouch glued to the panel cover that once contained the circuit diagram and/or instructions. If you check your machines and find this stuff - PLEASE share with us!

Your pal,

We have copys of the user manual and programming manual for sale, you may contact us at [email protected].