Wine Bottle Label Stock

First, thanks to everyone for their posts and comments on Briar Press. Your information has been very helpful.

I want to print some wine bottle labels. Does anyone have a suggestion on the best stock to use for application to a glass bottle?

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I just did some wine bottle labels. There is some pretty good label stock from Gilbert Cottons- I only ran one impression with it because I had ONE sheet, so I would definitely recommend getting some samples and trying it out. I think the best papers probably don’t come with the label option, so if the Gilbert Cottons line doesn’t work for you consider using the Sundance line with the Felt finish, or something similar, and applying adhesive. I used the text weight. I am hoping there are some other good alternatives out there, too, for the next round!


I’m currently designing a wine label for a client and one of their requests is that the label be easy to peel off. Apparently, that is important to wine drinkers who order a bottle of wine in a restaurant and request the label to take with them for future reference, so I’m passing this consideration along as it might be needed for your project but not yet apparent. It wasn’t apprent for me. I have not found the correct adhesive yet but will post it when I do. As always, if anyone has suggestions for the adhesive, I’m all ears.


interesting! i used Grafix double tack mounting film, and cut the label to size after i applied it. it was a pain, but it worked. it is not what i’d call EASY to peel off, which is why i chose it, but it comes off without the paper tearing. another kind, letra-tac, was TOO easy to peel off- i felt like it wouldn’t stay on if challenged. both are available at Bob, if you find a good alternative, i’d be happy to hear it. i was trying to stay away from the spray adhesives, for fear of growing an ear on my arm.

Since this thread is over 2 years old, does anyone have any updated information or resources for adhesive label stock suitable for letterpress?

Alternatively, any advice on how to add adhesive (not spray) to a regular paper stock?

Download the Wine label stock list from na,
I have used fasson products for many years and they are of excellent quality/