Richard L. Hopkins 

Hill & Dale Private Press & Typefoundry

Limited edition typecasting for private presses. Specializing in American Monotype designs. No fonts for sale. No catalogs. Very interested in working with discerning, serious private press operators who have good knowledge of type, have need for quality typesetting, and can indulge the extended time frame necessitated by a hobby activity.

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Hello Rich,
I have approx 1,000 lbs of scrap foundry type for sale. Also the same amount of lino & leads & slugs. It was sorted by me and put in 5gal buckets. Located in the Cincinnati area.
If you know anyone who could be interested, please let me know. I could possibly help with delivery
Jim McGraw

Jim, I am on Briar Press almost never and thus did not see your question about type metal being available from you in Cincinati area. I am interested in knowing more about what you have, &c. My supply of metal is dwindling and thus, I could use some. Please contact me at [email protected].

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