Adana 8x5 versus 6x4

Hello - I’m a complete beginner and hoping someone can outline the relative merits of the above models. As far as I can make out, the 8x5 is more popular - is this simply down to its larger chase? At this stage I want to print greetings cards and possibly A4 letterhead (can I do the latter, if the chase size is smaller than A4?). Many thanks!

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The chase size is the print area you can produce in a single strike. However you can reposition the paper on both presses to extend the print area. It can take time and careful preparation but it is great fun when you see the results. If you wanted to produce letterheads you would have turn the paper around if there was type at the bottom of the sheet. I would suggest the 8x5 would make printing traditional A4 letterheads easier as you can pretty much print across the width. The 6x4’s are good robust presses and often cheaper and can produce lovely greetings cards. good luck!

Ah, now it makes sense. I didn’t realise you could swivel the paper. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply - there’s a lot of info on various presses available but none of it comparative, and of course because I’ve yet to see one of these machines in action it’s all a bit abstract. You’ve made up my mind: I’ll go for the 8x5. Thanks again!