broken disk pawl

Hi Everybody, I just got a Golding Official and the disk pawl seems to be broken. The ink plate will not rotate when I pull down on the handle. Can anyone suggest how I should go about fixing this problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!

image: IMG_3168.JPG


image: IMG_3169.JPG


image: IMG_3170.JPG


image: IMG_3171.JPG


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Hi Julie,
Mike Anton may be able to help you to fabricate a replacement part if you can get someone local to install it. I suspect Mike would have an identical press in his collection from which to make a pattern for casting, but it wouldn’t be cheap because you are probably the only person that is ever going to need one of these! The other option would be grafting on an improvised arm that would serve the function of the missing piece. It wouldn’t be as pretty, but would certainly be cheaper.

Check out Mike’s Golding site. His collection is very impressive and he has been a great help with my Pearl restoration.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, Ny


A good fabricator with accurate dimensions and a picture can
repair the part and it will look original, I do this in my restoration shop in Colorado on a regular basis. It is simply a matter of taking a piece of good cast iron stock, shaping it and welding it to the original piece. If done correctly only a close inspection show it is not original.
good luck
Don Hildred

Thanks for the responses! I think I’m going to try improvising an arm. Hopefully it works!