disassembling a challenge paper cutter?

i have a challenge paper cutter for sale (see under username indievisabull), and i have an interested buyer. unfortunately, i don’t know anything about disassembling the cutter, and neither does my buyer. my buyer has done some research to find that it could cost her almost $2000 to get this cutter out of the house. currently, it’s in a basement and would have to go thru 3 doors and up a hill. is there a cheaper way of doing this that doesn’t break the buyer’s bank? are there diagrams of cutters somewhere that someone semi-mechanical can use to disassemble this cutter safely?

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Where are you?

What size cutter do you have?

Can you post photos of a couple of views?

One SERIOUS thing about paper cutters is being careful with the blade. You have to make sure that you don’t expose anyone to the sharp edge and if it were me the first thing I would do is get the blade off (which often isn’t a simple process).

It is not that hard, I would agree with the other post in removing the blade first. It should have 5 nuts, you might have to open it to get the first one, but then close to remove the other 4 nuts. Wrap the blade in several layers of cardboard, and tape it up. If there is a piece of wood you can bolt it to that whould be better, just make sure the sharp bottom doesn’t extind past the edge of the board.

Next, start with the top and work your way down. Go slow and take pictures so your seller can put it back together.

The heaviest part will be the bed, it should have 4 bolt underneath.

Just be careful, these things are very heavy, but if you take your time and are mindful of what you are doing, it is pretty easy.