Solar Platemaking

Someone once told me that you could make your own rudimentary plates by exposing the polymer under a sheet of glass under the sun. Does anyone know if this is true or what the method is? I’m just curious if anyone has ever done this and actually had any success with it.

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They were partially correct. You can indeed make your own plates by exposing them under glass to the rays of the sun. I would not agree with the “rudimentary” part. My experience has been that solar-exposed plates are as good as those made under artificial UV sources, if they are carefully done.

If you look back in this Forum, you’ll find that very topic debated and argued at length…. along with a philosophical debate about DIY vs having others do this for you. It was quite a lively few days…….

For technical information about the process, Gooogle “Printmaking in the Sun”. There is a book, CD and website about how it’s done.

This is great - thanks very much!