Films for Polymer Plates in NYC

I too am looking for a source for film for polymer plates, but in New York City. Tips on any resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! -Rebecca

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Not in the city but close is Globe Photoengraving in Little Ferry NJ. I get my negs and mag plates from them. I don’t have their contact info handy, but I know they are listed.


I can make films, though I’d have to ship them from Waterbury, CT.

Hi Rebecca,

Soho Repro on Broome street does an excellent job making films — fast turnaround. I just email them my digital files (right-reading), so its super-easy.

If you have a question about what to tell them or how they should do it, tell them to look at my orders. I’ve been getting good results, so they must be processing mine right.

Hope that helps someone, looks like all of these posts are from a year ago!

Do any of you guys know where I can get polymer plates made locally? I had friend who was my inside man at SVA for a while, but it is time for me to find a place that can make a plate if I bring them the film. Boxcar’s shipping $ and time are becoming a problem.


We make film + photopolymer plates in-house and can do rush processing for either. Our plates are BASF/Nyloprint WS152 steel-backed plates, however, not the standard Boxcar plastic-backed type. (We use Bunting bases here + prefer the “red plate” quality vastly over the “yellow plate”.)

Please feel free to contact us at 718-788-1542 or [email protected] re: film and platemaking needs.