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Are the bearers and gears for both the...15 Feb
Keelan, That post has been a sticky for...15 Feb
It may be as Mick suggests. Spring...9 Feb
I think the idea behind the design is...8 Feb
Yup. Same rule for mixing colors...8 Feb
Yup, I think pen ruling was rare. I've...2 Feb
I would not use a spray bottle. Misting...6 Jan
Been there, done that. Thing is, it's...29 Dec
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I made a roller rack for the ones out...16 Dec
Concord Engraving, and prolly everyone...12 Dec
One thing to note about the A23D font....9 Dec
http://www.concordengraving.com/8 Dec
You may have luck with historical...8 Dec
How old is the ink? I have a can of...8 Dec
I have a VFD, not sure what the motor...3 Dec
Delt with Whittenburg before. Good...3 Dec
An actual type gauge may be hard to...11 Oct
...15 Sep
Certainly looks a lot like the Hohner...13 Sep
Definitely not a Kimble. Those are...11 Sep
Yes it is a repulsion motor....11 Sep
This may help as well. Junction box and...10 Sep
http://risingmuseumboard.com/wheretobuy/6 Jul
That's why preservation is so...5 Jul
I have that fountain on my #7, sans the...1 Jul
WOW, awesome. Congrats!1 Jul
But does the glass stay intact? Do the...1 Jul
I've done it both ways Mephits. I think...22 Jun
From that photo it looks like a Muller...9 Jun
Aaron, you are probably better off with...9 Jun
Dave, Best advice I can give, Do what...3 Jun
Not sure who you have to talk to but if...3 Jun
Great thing about US Postal Money...16 May
Just two more days and I will be...27 Apr
Just two more days and I will be...27 Apr
Posted a new update to the campaign....23 Apr
Posted a new update to the campaign....23 Apr