Adana H S 2 Help ! no instructions..

I have just bought the above and am itching to get started but I have no instructions ! The press was last used in the 1970 s so am not sure whether rollers need replacing ,I darent get started as I have no idea how to clean the rollers off afterwards can anyone help
Many thanks

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Here’s a link to someone who can help you with your Adana. I also purchased an Adana 2 HS back in December. I sent him a picture of it and he pretty much told me what I needed and how to clean it. I have an instruction manual for an Adana 3-5 which is similar to this model, but it is crated in storage until (at least) December. It’s safe to say if it hasn’t been used since the 70’s you’ll need new rollers. Take pictures of it and send it to Don Black and he should be able to help! I hope this helps you some!


Many thanks for that I ll give him a go. Dont think I can attach photos as my computer skills belong in the letterpress era !

I have been using Adana Presses since Adam was a lad and have instruction leaflets for most. Where are you ?
I have an entry under Cockleshell Press which is located in Southern England.
If I can help with instructions then please give me a call.

Letterpress gets in your blood, so beware.

Mike, Hampshire, England

Hi Mike
Many thanks for your reply I would be very interested in talking to you but cant see a telephone no and cant find you on directory enquiries.
Is there another way I can contact you ?
Ipswich Suffolk

Hi Mike

I am in Leeds and have just bought an Adana HS2. I would like to ask if you can tell me how to get the packing right as I have no idea where to start.



The packing would be a card at the bottom, 5-6 butcher’s paper or newsprint in the middle and a top sheet. The top sheet could be any thickish paper I use cut up old brown envelopes.
The print industry used oiled manila as it was easy to wipe off any ink without it getting into the paper. If you use a dry paper and get ink on it wipe off with white spirit and rub french chalk over it.
The top sheet goes on first held in place held by the lay bar at the bottom screwed tight. Then insert the card and butcher’s paper/newsprint under the top sheet, cut so it sits resting at the bottom but does not overlap the top of the platen.
Pull the top sheet tight and put on the spring clips.

You will find the High Speed manual on this site. It does not mention what goes in the packing but does explain how to set your press to get an even print using the four screws at the back.