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Letterpress in movies7 Dec 17
Letterpress in movies7 Dec 17
Letterpress in movies7 Dec 17
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Evidently you like thumping your plate...9 Dec
If you want type there is some on eBay...3 Dec
...3 Dec
Page 6 of the T/P48 manual has some...24 Oct
Had a bit of finger trouble and posted...24 Oct
The Adana P71 is similar to the later...24 Oct
When the manual said tie your forme...15 Oct
Have you tried adding a few drops of...11 Oct
More likely the disk is not flat. Run...12 Sep
There is a book 'Music Printing and...28 Aug
I bought a small piece of 20mm Delrin...28 Aug
There were 2 sizes of Hempel quoin for...30 Jul
Easier to print a make-ready sheet....6 Jul
28 Jun
28 Jun
28 Jun
Try a small drop of boiled linseed oil....28 Jun
My guess is that it is a European press...21 Jun
There is a picture of a No6 in this set...20 Jun
I just use lumps of 4x4 under the back...15 Jun
If you want to use it in a show you...15 Jun
It's a mitering wheel. When making a...15 Jun
There was a worldwide survey of all...29 May
Very familiar with the tata sound. On...16 May
Squintani patented his version of...16 May
An excellent piece of work, has got to...29 Apr
As already mentioned one possibility is...25 Apr
Take a small pile of card, holding...8 Apr
I have something like that on a Pearl...1 Apr
It's April 1st!1 Apr
The Adana 8x5 doesn't have the clout...28 Mar
When I first saw this on eBay I tried...27 Mar
As Frank stated if the print is heavy...27 Mar
Could we have a few more pics taken a...25 Mar
Just label your pics as harrild1.jpg...24 Mar
Wouldn't be a mod' just a choice of...20 Mar
I know what you are thinking. Is it a...8 Feb
As jhenry said you will need to do some...8 Feb
DON'T SAND AGAIN, It is fine, that is...8 Feb
You order them through the Zazzle...7 Feb