1830s Military Illustration

I am designing a small book with text covering an historical subject — the Black Hawk War of 1832. I am trying to find an appropriate illustration for the frontispiece. I would actually hope to find a period wood-engraved illustration of militia soldiers of the period or military weapons they may have carried. Since it is to be printed via letterpress, a reproduction of a wood engraving would work better for me than a tipped-on or bound-in photographic halftone.

Anyone on list have any old newspapers or books which may have illustrations which could be of interest?

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Here is a link to images on a Black Hawk War website. It’s just one of many on the web. You might also want to search on the Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin State Historical Museum websites for links to images of the military or weapons used during the period. Some sleuthing on the internet should yield some positive results. Good luck.


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Hi! I have the following cuts and a couple more. I think they may be from the Civil War. Let me know if they may be useful.

image: military 2.jpg

military 2.jpg

image: military 1.jpg

military 1.jpg