Does anyone know where I can find wooden furniture?

I just acquired an empty furniture cabinet (along with a new press) and need to add some furniture, all sizes. Wooden preferred.


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I think Sal Zampino down in Florida could help you out in this department.

You can search for his name on the site or use this phone number:

Sal J Zampino

I have a surplus of NOS furniture. New old stock. New furniture from 1950. I have all sizes from 20 to 70 pica in 2 to 10 widths to fit a slant front furniture cabinet. I have hundreds of new pieces and they are stamped with their sizes on the ends. These are new, they have not been used. I found a HUGE shipping crate full of sizes from 170 pica on down to the 20 pica. It weighed about 400 pounds. What I have left is the above sizes.