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I’m hoping somebody can identify this font for me. I’ve had it for years and have searched catalogs & websites without any luck. Notice the strong slant of the “A” and the rough edges of the “N” and “I”. Some of the “M” have a crossbar. I have more pictures that I would email to anyone who could help.
Thanks for your time.

image: DSCN3920.JPG


image: DSCN3921.JPG


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Your font is Pynson Oldstyle Italic from American Type Founders Co. A real oldie and a goodie.

I should have come to briarpress years ago! Thank you very much.

Since you are so pleased I did a little more sleuthing.

Pynson Oldtsyle Italic is the italic version of Arlington!!!!! I know this does not sound right. But ATF did this on more than one occasion. The italic version of the popular Columbus typeface was named American Italic! Go figure!!!

Anyway, Arlington was brought out around 1898 by ATF. It appears in their 1898, 1901 and 1902 catalogs. In their 1906 catalog it appears under the new name Lining Arlington Oldstyle No. 2, and the pages that follow is the first showing of Pynson Oldstyle Italic.

By the time the 1912 catalog was issued they had BOTH disappeared and were no longer offered by ATF. So it appears that Pynson Oldstyle Italic had a very short shelf-life at ATF, which is why it was such a bugger to find, appearing only in the 1906 catalog.

These “rugged” faces had fallen out of general popularity by the end of the first decade of the 20th century.

Probably more than you ever expected to know about your face!!!!!!

Yes, I have seen it in the 1906 ATF catalog. Actually I found it a little bit odd and, at the same time interesting. If you could place more images here, that would would very much appreciated. What a relic !

I’m more than happy to share some pics. I have this typeface in 10 & 12 pt. fonts. Years ago I bought an old 48 drawer type cabinet that apparently had been sitting idle & unused for many years.
I was able to find one example of this type on the internet after Foolproof was kind enough to identify it for me.

image: DSCN3923.JPG


image: DSCN3922.JPG


Very nice. Look at the alternate “k” and “g”. Is interesting. It appear that this type wasn’t popular, as Foolproof says. Are you going to use it? I wish I could have a proof of the 10 pt. I could digitize it. Seems a fun thing to do with it :)

Hello HD-Tiegel,

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