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Owosso should be able to hold decent...25 Mar
It may be of interest to people, but...24 Mar
Ah, another anchor clanker. Rick22 Mar
Ah, another anchor clanker. Rick22 Mar
When you get into the miter cutter, be...18 Mar
Without any markings on the A, it was...18 Mar
Wow! Here goes nothing!!!!!! It...17 Mar
It is a basic Clarendon. The Q is kind...17 Mar
So you don't go crazy trying to figure...13 Mar
You won't go wrong getting that book....13 Mar
Hi Niels, Can't tell you what the...11 Mar
Oh my god! The dried silt that coats...2 Mar
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Bradley was designed by Herman...26 Feb
Dick, I usually teach one or two...24 Feb
Basic answer is probably NO. Your...24 Feb
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Dick, I live in a century-old...23 Feb
I suspect that some of the grunge on a...19 Feb
One of the things missing in McGrew's...15 Feb
The few times I have run across...15 Feb
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Well that is just TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!...8 Feb
Great thread. Em, En and then 3, 4 & 5...2 Feb
I have a friend with a MASSIVE...1 Feb
Ooops! Now that I pondered that for a...28 Jan
Ooops! Now that I pondered that for a...28 Jan