Cleaning Rubber Rollers

Hello. I have a Kelsey with new rubber rollers from NA Graphics. I’d like to use California Wash on them but can’t find any locally (I’m in L.A.). Any water-miscible alternatives?Or does anyone in the L.A. area know where I could pick up some CA Wash?

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There’s some irony in not being able to find California Wash in L.A.

I would suggest plain old mineral spirits. I’ve used it for a long time on roller from N.A. Graphics and there have been no problems whatsoever. I was nervous at first because the site calls for water-miscible wash, but I was reassured that mineral spirits would be fine—so far so good.

Get the ‘odorless’ variety—it’s much more affordable than CA Wash too.

I use mineral spirits also… and have for many years. It works just fine.

try using a quality metering roller cleaner (MRC) it should be water miscible, dries in seconds. borrow a drop from the litho department!

The brand Varn makes many press washes. California Wash is just 1 of them. We sometimes use Varn V120, water miscible. If you have an XPEDX close by, they stock it. They also sell a brand called Colorlox, Premium Wash, water miscible. If I didn’t know better, hint-hint I would say it was one & the same but a lot less expensive. I have used both. Colorlox is a private brand of XPEDX. I have no connection with XPEDX.
Not much smell. But I have been around print shops for 30 years & my smeller is probably immune to the smell.