Newbie looking for eco-friendly ink!

I’m new to letterpress printing and only know of very limited places to get supplies. So far I’ve grown quite fond of handmade papers and recycled papers, and I’ve wanted to try some soy ink or something of that nature. Do any of you know where I may find it? Thank you.

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Hi ANBurgin. Here is a good post to read, for the most part anyhow, on soy based inks: In particular, Foolproof and Bielerpr bring up some good points on the impact of the ink, waste involved, and wear on your rollers (good to know!). My intention in pointing you to this post is not to deter you from soy inks (I’ve never used them myself and have no idea how they really perform), but these are points you might want to take into consideration depending on what your goals are in using soy inks.