Please help identify this typeface

I’ve been through every page of McGrew twice and I can’t identify this typeface. I found it in an unlabeled case at a place I was teaching a workshop. It’s foundry type. No pin mark. Can anyone help?

image: typeface.jpg


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Looks like Bernhard Gothic. The “e” looks like Gill so it is not easy to tell.

Thanks Andre. Bernhard Gothic was my initial thought as well, but the dots are diamond shaped. Aren’t Bernhard’s round? Also Bernhard has a slight swelling at the ends of the strokes that this lacks. There are some other differences as well. Here’s a close up.

image: tif002.jpg


It could well be the Granby or Art Grotesque, issued by Stephenson Blake in 1930. See Encyclopaedia of Typefaces, 1953, ppp. 171-173.

Nice - I have some 14 and 16 line Granby condensed woodletter but this straight roman has a very classic feel to it…

I think that’s it Thomas! Granby looks like a match. Now if only someone was still casting it …

Just a guess here, but maybe it’s Johnston San Serif, c. 1913. I just photographed a broadsheet at the V & A museum in London and it looks very similar.

I don’t know what happened to the matrices of Stephenson Blake. They might have ended up with the Type Museum in London. Might be worth checking that out.