What typeface is this?


Can someone please give me more information about this typeface?

I seem to have 5 different sizes, all in uppercase/caps.

Thanks in advance.

image: P1080463.jpg


image: P1080468.jpg


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I am not sure but the first picture looks like Times. I can’t see the smaller ones. Anyway, some other member will tell you with certainty. Looks good.

I agree that the image is a little hard to deal with, but I think that these might be Times Roman Bold. Why on earth would someone only provide one character of each numeral in the larger font? That seems to be just about useless for even setting a date.

It also appears that there has hardly been any prior usage of those fonts.

I’ve attached some better close-ups - Please let me know if they are definately Times Roman Bold or not. They are all 12pt, however, if you look at the photos they all look slightly different. Can someone please explain, I’m confused!
Thanks everyone

image: P1080485.jpg


image: P1080483.jpg


image: P1080480.jpg


image: P1080478.jpg


Its a pity you can’t provide a more close-up image of the type. There appears to be a mixture of ordinary caps and small caps here – this may be the source of your discombobulation. They are both on a 12 point body but the small caps will be roughly the same height as the x of the lower-case (x-height).

The first image looks like Times – but the subsequent images suggest you have another typeface there as well -– they have a transitional feel to them – too ‘thick and thin’ and the Q has a different tail.

I don’t have any of my reference books handy at the moment, but the fonts in these new pictures are definitely NOT Times.

The face seems to be the same for all three fonts. It looks something like Engravers Bold (?). You have three different sizes on the same body. The upper photo is the smallest, the second photo is the next size larger, and the bottom two are the full size on the body. It does no appear that this face has a lower-case as there is no allowance for descenders. The fonts also include the ‘pound sterling’ character so they are most likely of British/European origin.

Okay, still no luck on what typeface it is, I’m going to attach a close up photo of all the Q’s from each of the four lots. Hope this helps - thanks for the replies so far.

image: P1080578.jpg


image: P1080576.jpg


The Q in P1080463.jpg is different to these - I still think that one is Times, but FoolProof 546 is right, the rest of the fonts you have here look like Engravers

OK, one more time. P1080463.jpg is Times Bold. The “other” face definitely ‘appears’ to be Engravers Bold as far as I can discern from the photos. Engravers Bold did have THREE sizes cast on 12 pt. body (No. 1, No. 2 and No.3) as shown in my 1923 ATF catalogue.

However, the “pound sterling” and “AE” and “OE” characters are NOT shown in the font scheme for Engravers Bold, and you definitely have FOUR sizes of this face cast on 12 pt. body.

At this point, it will probably be necessary to ink up the larger of the four and post a proof of it to get a definitive identification for your face.

Do the fonts have a pin-mark? And if so, what does it say or look like? That would be extremely helpful in narrowing the search.