Side Gauge/Guide

The previous owner of my Heidelberg Windmill removed the side gauge. I found it in the drawer among other pieces, but I’m not sure how to reattach it. I have attached a picture of the part I have. Am I missing anything? Any insight into how to do this - would be amazing. Thanks.

image: sideguide.jpg


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Hope you can allow for any memory failure from an octogenarian, and the fact that its some 14 yrs since I operated a windmill.
From the photo it looks complete.
The large blue circle represents the bolt which screws into the side of the platen. This should not cause any problems if you withdraw the bolt and position the guide assembly correctly, and then insert the bolt, and screw home.
The small blue circle is the cam which rides on the runner, which should be on the shaft which controls the lay guides and which runs through the width of the platen. The knob for disenging the lays is on the left of the shaft and the runner for the side guide is on the right hand end of the shaft.
It may be a bit tricky to get the assembly into position the first time you try, but that little cam must rest on the runner.

Test the operation for smoothness by disengaging and moving the knob by hand.
Hope this helps, if not I’m sure some younger members of the community can assist.

image: sideguideA.jpg


Just remembered one important thing.
There should be a compression spring and a chamfered plunger which fits into the channel as indicated by the blue circle and the arrow.

Maybe the previous owner lost the plunger, and that was the reason he never replaced the side lay assembly after dismantling it!

The spring and the plunger is there to maintain contact of the bearing shown by the small blue circle in my first picture onto the runner at the end of the shaft mentioned earlier.

image: HAP-1.jpg


I appreciate the detailed explanation Bern. I will attempt to set-up and see if in fact the plunger and spring are present. Any idea where I could buy these missing parts, if they are not there any longer? Would letterpress things have something as such? Thanks again.

I cannot help you source the parts if you need them as I live in the UK.
The attached image shows what you are looking for and the part no/description as taken from the parts list available online at boxcarpress

image: HAP-2.jpg


Can anyone help with sourcing these parts? I checked letterpress things, no luck. Anyone have? Thanks.

Contact Heidelberg or find a Heidelberg specialist. There is one in Springfield, TN-Walt Whittenberg.

So now that I have the parts, I have attempted installation. Yet, I am running into a problem. I am unable to turn the knurled handle on the left of the shaft. It seems to be stuck. I have oiled everything I could have possibly oiled (I think) and still no luck. The shaft moves fine left to right, but I can’t get the knob to loosen so I can test the movement of the side guide. Any suggestions?

Note: My machine seems to be full of gunk, since they probably had not used the guides in ages. So I can’t see hole that the pin should enage with (as it says it should in the manual p. 45). My knob seems to be stuck in the middle of the little runner. What “position” would this be considered? From the picture in the manual it looks like mine is still sitting to high. Any insight on this, would be appreciated as well.

I don’t know which manual you are using, but in mine reference to the lay guides is on p53.
If your pin is sitting high and you can move the shaft sideways then obviously the lays are disengaged.
You must turn the knurled knob so that the slot cut into its base drops onto the small pin, and then move the knob up and down until the larger pin in the base of the knob assembly drops into the hole in the crescent shaped runner.
If your pin will not turn by hand then I think you may have to use an adjustable wrench to move it,or apply heat from a small blowtorch!
Your first priority is to get that knob to turn.