Need help identifying this tool

I’m getting ready to go pick up a letterpress shop and I still trying to ID all the equipment. Does anyone know what the item is in this picture?



image: Mystery_tool.jpg


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It’s a stapler. Looks like the table can be tilted, in which case it can staple booklets as well as do flat work

thanks for the fast reply. Can you still get staples for a machine like this? Is there anywhere I can find out what the brand is?

Hi! I had the same wirestitcher. Mine was mounted on wood with ornate cast iron legs. Here is a website I found.


Staplers use pre-formed staples, stitchers use spooled wire.
First thing is to determine what make and model of stapler you have. There would have been identifying marks or a plate originally, which may still be there when you can get close enough for a look.
If the make is not obvious, the American Bookbinders Museum may be able to help. Be patient though, there is not full-time staff there.

Thanks everyone for the post. I guess I will just have to wait until I can get my hands on the stapler to see the brand and wire size. Thanks for the help.