Adding feedback to the Yellow Pages listings

The comment section in the Printer’s Yellow Pages is for the purpose of leaving feedback or sharing information about the quality of the service or organization listed. Feedback should be factual information that will be helpful to a prospective client. Personal comments or inquiries about the listing should be sent using the contact link.

Constructive feedback in the Yellow Pages listings helps people decide what services to use. It also brings attention to, and sustains the organizations and businesses that are providing the best services to the letterpress community. We encourage you to take a moment to tell us about your experience with the listing service.

The comment field is not for these purposes:

    1. It does not generate email
    2. It is not for editing a listing.

The comment field in the Printer’s Yellow Pages does not generate email and will not be seen by the listing owner unless an owner checks regularly for comments, which is generally not the case.

The comment section is not for listing owners who wish to add additional information to their listings. If you wish to edit your own listing, log in to your accout, click on the listing title under “Recent content,” and click “edit.” When you are finished, click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Your changes will show up immediately.

If you wish to send a personal message to a listing owner, see the Help pages under Printer’s Yellow Pages, or How to contact a listing owner.

If you are the owner of a listing and wish to send a personal email to someone who has left a comment, click on the green username above the comment and then click on “Contact (USERNAME).

For more information about email security, see Email addresses and spam in Classifieds & forums.