What font is this?

I have the book “Metal Typefaces of the 20th Century” but find it very hard to identify a font, because the book is not organized by font style, but by alphabetical order. Every time I want to identify a font I have to go over all the 300 some pages. Is that how you do it too? I think I’m missing something here…

The attached image is of a 24pt serif I have. Can you help me identify it?


image: serif_24pt.jpg


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I first thought of DeVinne Compressed, but that’s not it. The “7” should help nail it down….

Looks like Howland with a possible wrong font “J,” “R” and ampersand.

I’m not sure Mac McGrew’s intent was to produce a book to identify typefaces but to give someone more information about a particular face.
The ampersand looks to me to be a wrong font, as does the parenthesis and the bracket. Check first to see if all the nicks line and all letters belong in the font. Then give us a clue by telling us what the pinmark is or looks like. It does indeed look like Howland to me with some wrong fonts.

Probably the best thing that could ever happen to you would be to keep having to go through page after page of McGrew’s book to identify typefaces!!!! There may not be a better way to familiarize and learn typeface identification (and appreciation) other than by constantly looking at reference sources such as that every now and then. Unless you have a photographic memory, this is the only way you will eventually absorb a lot of this knowledge. Familiarity will come with time.

See other threads here on the Briar Press site about books that help identify faces by “style”.

I don’t have my reference books with me right now, but it does look very much like Howland, which is very much a derivitive of DeVinne. I also assume that there are some wrong font characters shown in your sample.