Raw Photopolymer material

Anyone have a vendor, particularly in the NE, USA, for raw photopolymer material? I know I can buy from boxcar, but I was wondering if there were other choices. I did find someone in my home state, CT, but contact with them was on the flakey side.

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There are other vendors for Jet and Toyobo raw photopolymer plate material, but I haven’t found any that can match Boxcar’s pricing. Hands down.


I will second Gerald’s statement. I looked for a long time to get the BETTER price. For me it is Boxcar.

company called Anderson Vreeland carries a Toyobo made material that is pretty much what Boxcar sells, but again, the pricing seems to be around the same.
If they have a distributor that is more local fro you than NY, than i see an advantage, but CT is pretty close to NY already, so there you go.