3x5 Sigwalt rollers

I have been requested to give some printing demos this Saturday, but my “portable” Sigwalt 3x5 press needs new rollers! I know its crazy last minute, but does anyone have a working set they’d be willing to loan me for a week or two?( I don’t think ordering a new set will get them here in time.) I’ll pay the shipping to get them out here in time! I’m in Saint Louis, so if you are in the area that’s even better.

Its not a huge deal, I just hoped maybe I could get it together in time the event. Let me know! I’d really appreciate it!

Jenny A.
Lock and Key Press

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While a (loaned) set of “real” rollers would be best, if you have time and are feeling like experimenting, search Briar Press for the thread from a while back on “gummy bear rollers” - it sounded like you could cast your own pretty easily, and they probably would work for a demo.