Getting started with an Adana 8x5

Hello everyone,
I’ve just found an Adana 8x5 for my husband (he’s been wanting one for AGES) which he’s going to get for Christmas. He’s a designer and has a pretty good good grip on letterpress - I, however, do not!
I want to make sure he has most of the essentials to get started - or at least can locate what’s required and begin collecting (I think he’ll be getting type for Christmas for a few decades). Can you please let me know what equipment and material I should muster at this early stage? All I know is the press is in excellent condition with new rollers and new runners.
I’m based in New Zealand, but will be in the US over December so could order a few things from American suppliers, if you can recommend some. Your assistance would be much appreciated! Best, Clare

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Familiaize yourself with things first. There’s tons of info out there if you search google. A couple of good places to start are

Your husband must be one lucky kiwi ! : )

I would suggest that, if possible, you post a picture of the press so the people here can see it. They are very good at spotting if something is amiss.

If you are sure the press has new rollers and chase and all that; then I would look into furniture, ink, quoins, rags, cleaner.

Thanks very much, both of you. Very much appreciate your response. Unfortunately, negotiations have stalled on the press. Hope it comes through for Christmas. If so, I’ll get a good picture and post it. Or has anyone else out there has an 8x5 they want to send down to the South Pacific?!