PMS color identification

Can anyone eye what PMS color this brown ink might be?
(image also attached)

I’m looking for a deep, dark brown that is almost black, as in this letterpress example. Any suggestions for a precise PMS number? Thanks—

image: BrownInk.jpg


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Working from this image in Photoshop it just gave black as the closest color. In CMYK it was 63, 66, 72, 77.

I would just make some brown (bit of red, yellow, and blue) then very slowly add in black. It will get dark in a hurry. This looks so dark as to be BARELY off of black.

4695 is a great rich brown

While I won’t venture a guess as to the exact color shown in the photo, I do have a very dark, almost black, brown available if you’re interested. It’s a Toyo system color (8666) so it probably doesn’t have an exact PMS equivalent, but it’s close to PMS 4975 Brown or Pantone Black 4M (which is black with about 1/4 orange mixed in). A “quarter pound” tube (about 5 oz.) would be $7.50; e-mail me if you’d like a list of other colors available in tubes.

Dave (the Ink in Tubes guy)

If you open up the image in Photoshop, select the color with the eyedropper tool, click on the color selected on the left-hand side, and then inside the color picker toolbar, click on custom and it will give you the Pantone color. When I did this, it gave me Pantone 412.