Mystery Type Case

Does anyone have information on what sort of type case this is and a diagram of its lay?

image: case.jpg


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This looks like a so-called Double Yankee Job Case. The following information is from David Bolton’s (Alembic Press) excellent web site on cases and case lays. He writes

“The typecase matches the lay given in American Type Founders: American Line Type Book (1906). The lay does not quite match the lay of the normal Yankee Job or the Two Third version. The case is partitioned into two equal bays, each of which is a complete Yankee Job configuration. “

The site at
has a short history and the layout.


Denis C.


Thanks so much, Denis! I’ve printed out the diagram. This case is perfect for small fonts.

Look like the AOL site is now gone. Fortunatly this information is also posted

OK, here’s one I’m trying to find. There are no markings at all on the cabinet that I can see. the only pull is black, smooth and has no name or decoration.

image: img1228606707789.jpg


OK that didn’t take as long as I thought… .

Excelsior Improved Case