Guillotine blade replacement

Can anyone recommend a good source for a replacement blade for a 26” Paragon cutter? Thanks.

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If it’s a typical guillotine blade ask local print shops who sharpens theirs. Most knife shops will have, or be able to get, most any blade.

HI, I have the same Paragon and the blade is almost too short from sharpening. Did you ever find a good source for a replacement blade? thanks, Frank

You might check with the Challenge Machinery Company. They might have a blade that you could adapt to your purposes.

I have also seen blades with additional holes machined into them so that will sit farther down, adding some extra life.


i had a cutter that you couldn’t get blades for, there was a company that sharpened blades, they cut down a larger blade and redrilled the holes to fit my 38” oswago, they were very reasonable, only i can’t remember who they are. like devils tail says most blades have additional holes so you get additional life out of your blade. i’d check with challenge first. Dick G.