Dick Blick SignPress spare parts?

This may be a long shot, but are there any resources/collectors that I could contact for spare/replacement parts for a Dick Blick Masterprinter SignPress? (Or retro dials, in general?)

I received my press, but discovered it had been crunched and tossed around by FedEx, before finally landing on my doorstep. It still works, but could use some new parts.

I’d be interested to know if there is a way to repair the now-cockeyed-and-chipped adjustment dial (and busted face plates.) Is this something that can be hammered back to normal and welded, or am I better off replacing the part with a new lever? I really do love the retro look of the original face plates.


image: brokendial.jpg


image: smashedcaps.jpg


image: heightdial.jpg


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Your best bit is going to be the manufacturer. If that doesn’t work then you can get a solid hand wheel from McMaster Carr and have a machine shop cut the semicircular groove in it. Here is a screen capture of the ones which will probably be most appropriate.

See Mcmaster.com to order.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for the lead, Dan! I checked out their link and they’ve got tons of stuff for sale, levers included. I’ll have to keep this one in my back pocket.

Re: contacting the manufacturer… Again, another long shot, but it’s definitely worth a try. It would be cool if I could preserve the original look of this thing.


We’re considering buying a Sign Press and saw where you’ve got one.
Sorry for all the questions, but we want to be sure we’re buying the right kind of machine as it is a $250 purchase. (does that sound too expensive for a 14” x 24” print area?)
>Have you been satisfied with your Sign Press and has it “held-up”?
>Would you recommend this type of Press to other printers?
(We’re hoping to make band posters and maybe post cards on ours and need something that’ll “stand-up” under ongoing printing usage.)
>Are there any of the moving parts that seem to “wear out” under frequent usage? (i.e. the adjustable Cylinder and/or the Handle that “raises-up” on the “return pass” over the type)
>I’ve heard that the ‘edge/frame of the bed’ is plastic and we’re wondering if that makes it difficult to “lock up” your type “solid / tight” in the ‘print bed’?

Many Thanks For Your Advice!