I have just printed my first thing…

Hello all…
I have just printed my first thing on my Adana press.
Started more experimental as Im waiting for a delivery and quads and spaces. But I was itching to get me hands on it and had a go with what I had.

Ive also decided to make a blog of all of my type journeys, experiments and hiccups.

If anyone else is doing something similar, please let me know.

Kind thanks…and l’ll be back soon.

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Congratulation! - looking forward to read your blog.

Gott grüß die Kunst


Hi Claire,

Congratulations on getting the Adana - a great little press ! I’ve bookmarked your blog, and was fascinated with your first results using the wooden strips of letterpress furniture.
You may be interested in getting the book ‘Letterpress, the allure of the handmade by David Jury’ which gives a great insight into how during the C20th artists from a non-printing background have exploited the letterpress medium to create some very exciting new work.

Welcome to the Adana club !


Thank you for the words of encouragement.