Variable Speed Control for Kluge 10x15

I have a Kluge 10x15 in the garage and it moves way to fast for my projects. I am mainly running low quantities of invitations and cards. My question is about variable speed control. Does anyone have any experience adding this onto their machine and happen to know an estimate of costs included? I have speed control currently, but there is no difference in speed from the fastest to slowest settings. I believe there is something wrong with the unit, but it is probably from the ’40s and it seems more logical to replace than repair. Thanks for the knowledge.

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is your speed control the old box with the different dial settings? using a leather flat belt? i can post some pics of a newer style using a variable speed pulley. it could be fixed in place for a constant slower speed or the whole set up used for adjustable speed. you would need to switch to a V style belt for the new pulley. i have seen them run on the flywheel the same as the flat belt, so no mods are really needed on the press end.

Hi ericm,
The speed control box is the old version you are talking about. If you can post some images, that would be great. Thanks for the info.

sorry bout not getting back to you… busy and really not sure where i have some of these posts… pics on the way.

this is of a current mechanical variable speed drive. the old ones are no diff. if this interests you i can elaborate. i would think that though, for a hand feeder, one slow speed would be sufficient. if you are trying to make money using auto feed, then, variable speed might pay off.