Bottom Guides for N Kluges

What is the BEST vertical registration system for the Kluge N series?

The side push guide is okay for horizontal registration on the N. But for vertical, there are alternatives to the antiquated quad guides, or the so-called “registration” band. Right?

Any suggestions? Could work for any clam shell press.

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When I don’t want to use the bottom band I use the regular old push pins. I use tape to stick them in. One layer masking tape, one layer fiber tape, then another masking tape. Push the guide pin into the tape, leaving about a pica between the tape and end of guide, for fine register adjusting. Place another piece of masking tape over your pin, so it wouldn’t move during the run. Works great on all paper, handfeed and automatic presses.

pardon my vagueness but, the BEST system is the one that is easiest for you to use. there are systems that are many decades old and still work just fine.

Problem is, the BEST that I’ve used so far for the Kluge is the register band, which is no more than adequate for tight registration work.

Using Kluge Ns in combo with Heidelberg windmills for multi-color foil and embossing. The dies typically have 1/4 pt. trap, and the registration band just can’t keep up with the ‘Bergs, for micro adjustment. Kind of like trying to tap in a 1/2 inch brad with a 5 lb. sledgehammer. It CAN be done, with some difficulty.

I found some low-profile Adjusto guides from Bar-Plate. I’ll give them a try…

Thanks for the suggestions!

hmmmm… maybe try using a very aggressive adhesive tape on the band to ensure it does not move when struck by the sheet during feeding? make sure sheet release is set proper. and, suckers are not brushing band on the way past(set too low)also,,, when i do a multi-pass job,,, if the the sheet seems to “dent” at all where the bottom blocks hit on the first pass, i will move the blocks to meet with an area of the sheet not dented. it can also “dent” the sheet when this press opens up. the Kluges and old C&P’s are really good for registration.

The problem I am having is not so much with registration movement, but with micro-adjustment. The threads on the band screws are 32 per inch. One full turn is more than two points; one half turn, one point, and so on. To achieve one quarter point, less than one-eighth turn is necessary on the band screws. This can be complicated if you over-correct, and have to reverse, taking up the slack in the band screws. It seems a half turn or more is necessary if you over-correct up or down. I always over-correct, and come up to position.

While I’m on this rant, I’m not too crazy about the Kluge push-guide, either, but I can live with that. The original N Kluge push guide presents far fewer problems than the screws on the register band.

Thanks for the input!

you are inking on a press with micro-adjust?
are you using a honey comb plate?
because for super small adjustments i will just move the die on a honeycomb, and, leave the band where it is.