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novice with ink13 Apr 16
heidi cylinder "KS" one color 23 Jul 15
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"Caliberation" prob consists of...12 Feb
thank you, yes. the spring pictured has...11 Feb
thank you, yes. the spring pictured has...11 Feb
you can print, whatever fits into a...10 Feb
if you're going to go thru the effort...28 Jan
if you're lucky you have the...26 Jan
i fed a 9" x 20" sheet today. Major...24 Jan
what size C&P did you break?21 Jan
Don't do Goodwill. they just sell it...5 Jan
which roller are you calling the...28 Dec
we have helwig here locally, i have...27 Dec
length, width, and height are...26 Dec
yes i would tighten the screw before...25 Dec
i was referring to press heat. if a set...25 Dec
loosening the dial will simply allow...25 Dec
kind of lift part of the crust up, get...24 Dec
sorry, didn't realize this post was...22 Dec
the pin at end of handle is quite...19 Dec
look close as an oil hole can fill with...14 Dec
@ Dennis; Are you shutting heat off end...13 Dec
Foil application happens thru what i...12 Dec
on my kluges, i have an "air blast"...9 Dec
thermal kiss cutting of, static cling...7 Dec
the cost difference between mag and...6 Dec
didn't read the part about the...18 Nov
if your press has a sheet brush on the...17 Nov
i would think you could find someone...16 Nov
are you speaking of a spot makeready...6 Nov
the video is good but, i need to see...4 Nov
the video is good but, i need to see...4 Nov
can you post a pic of the speed...3 Nov
can you take or send more pics(open...3 Nov
hey there, not really familiar with...3 Nov
i spose so now that i think it, but...29 Oct
hmmmm. i think i have a piece of...29 Oct
It's ok, good actually, to have to...29 Oct
measure lenbth x width of the slot....28 Oct
thanks gize. it is centered on the...28 Oct
i emailed you. check your spam or...18 Oct
i would look for a safety. is there a...17 Oct