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a 12 x 18 kluge/CP would suit your...11 Dec
if you do switch to the top, i would...10 Dec
a good motor repair shop would likely...10 Dec
assuming this problem has come out of...9 Dec
Not so close as to hit of course, but...5 Dec
Emco would be ok..... just be advised...27 Nov
ok.... but what does this have to do...23 Nov
Lathes are really fun tools. You need...21 Nov
shipping is a secondary cost. getting...18 Nov
Take a strike on the base sheet and lay...16 Nov
Get ready for the onslaught! I assume...15 Nov
ya, a cylinder can dull a die in just a...14 Nov
usually from a very dull die. are you...14 Nov
if it fits, then use it .? most presses...12 Nov
the press may "Coast" more once the...12 Nov
Those rivets look to be a softer metal....11 Nov
both of these steel rule die makers...8 Nov
if you are moving "in-house" is it...7 Nov
All of the press friction and...7 Nov
i have run into this. Where the backing...7 Nov
All of the above are excellent, well...7 Nov
Gib-Head key. mc master has them....7 Nov
does anyone have one of these "Lord's...2 Nov
flat bed drivers have moved quite a...2 Nov
yes, a location, if only general would...31 Oct
right mike. Thompson, C&P, Kluge, all...28 Oct
As mentioned above, you need to get...28 Oct
when die cutting, keep MR behind the...27 Oct
i have seen on here, photos of [ "The...24 Oct
on the other hand, that whole screw may...24 Oct
as stated above, be Very careful with...23 Oct
ok Mike.i agree with you on that, but...21 Oct
The article above that Mike refers to...21 Oct
I am a Big fan of Long Center Bevel...18 Oct
just like die cutting "dots", Glitter...17 Oct
ok, but the topic here, really kinda...13 Oct
are the edges nice and crisp as with a...9 Oct
are the edges nice and crisp as with a...9 Oct
i assume that colors like black and red...9 Oct
right. ev thing needs to reference off...9 Oct