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heidi cylinder "KS" one color 23 Jul 15
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different metal surfaces, textures, and...24 Mar
LOL 23 Mar
with an old greasy, dirty Kluge, i left...23 Mar
Cam,,, yoou can call me if you like. I...20 Mar
i think you screw the side plates...19 Mar
It looks like some sort of "Seasoned or...14 Mar
Mike, this is a vertical fully auto...14 Mar
Yes, but it was awhile ago. Don't...14 Mar
Well, do your testing first, then maybe...13 Mar
Some basic electrical trouble...13 Mar
Fastest, cheapest, and prob best would...13 Mar
ok. "bent out" is not good. you may try...9 Mar
A) Those prob are, peened over a bit...9 Mar
make sure there are no flat spot on the...9 Mar
You are talking about a difference...8 Mar
a few degrees of movement is fine. it...6 Mar
tthis is Kluge's version of a "Platen...5 Mar
is your gripper rail functioning...4 Mar
Another good spot is to check for any...4 Mar
yes! You are doing fine if you know...4 Mar
Make sure the "Gate Lock" is not...3 Mar
prob a layer of protection from...28 Feb
"Caliberation" prob consists of...12 Feb
thank you, yes. the spring pictured has...11 Feb
thank you, yes. the spring pictured has...11 Feb
you can print, whatever fits into a...10 Feb
if you're going to go thru the effort...28 Jan
if you're lucky you have the...26 Jan
i fed a 9" x 20" sheet today. Major...24 Jan
what size C&P did you break?21 Jan
Don't do Goodwill. they just sell it...5 Jan
which roller are you calling the...28 Dec
we have helwig here locally, i have...27 Dec
length, width, and height are...26 Dec
yes i would tighten the screw before...25 Dec
i was referring to press heat. if a set...25 Dec
loosening the dial will simply allow...25 Dec
kind of lift part of the crust up, get...24 Dec
sorry, didn't realize this post was...22 Dec
the pin at end of handle is quite...19 Dec