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parts like should have a small flare...14 Sep
contact the admin12 Sep
Looks kinda fragile, but Megill made...1 Sep
I really like this stuff for ejection...29 Aug
it is easiest to take your pics in the...21 Aug
Nick Howard, I am trying to find info...20 Aug
here is what is happening. this is...19 Aug
I would recommend staying away from...2 Aug
Guidering? I think i learned a new...28 Jul
Your die maker will usually etch the...27 Jul
if you can get a hold of some...25 Jul
Right. I wouldn't extend the...25 Jul
Sure. The type high thing is mostly...24 Jul
If you are using the stock, crankshaft...23 Jul
i am in Milwaukee, Wis. What kind of...22 Jul
do you know what level and volume of...30 Jun
If it moves, oil it.27 Jun
Scrap booking supply, arts and crafts...13 Jun
lower the resolution, and title them...24 May
Once the oil and it's film is in the...23 May
How heavily are you oiling the air...21 May
Are those threaded studs that should be...18 Apr
you have 1500+ of these little devils?17 Apr
Never seen this parts on a Kluge2 Apr
no. you should be able to loosen, then...4 Mar
If it is a true PLATEN press and not a...27 Feb
You would be much better off with a...23 Feb
Pretty good eye there Western, I...20 Feb
...20 Feb
...20 Feb
...20 Feb
try tapping one or both ends out of the...19 Feb
double19 Feb
i have found the auto down feature is...15 Feb
The kluge has a better system to hold...14 Feb
Is it a "Hard Stop"? like something is...14 Feb
k. well get it hooked up and oiled up...13 Feb
use a mix of whatever penetrating oil...13 Feb
i would be happy to look at any pics...13 Feb
card sheets with common cut can get...18 Jan