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hey there. PURPLE: is a foil guide...25 Jun
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i am trying to post pics of 2 boards i...11 Jun
Without being there, the racks and bull...9 Jun
let's start with: "What do you want for...7 Jun
Jim, you back in biz? have tried to...7 Jun
a gear puller could be tried on this...25 May
just back from machine shop. yes on a...20 May
i respect your experience jhenry. I am...20 May
magnesium is a Very soft metal. it is...19 May
The proper removal technique is to...19 May
i have found some water based adhesives...17 Apr
this discussion i will follow closely....14 Mar
Is the side guide moving properly?...24 Feb
Stupid question from an "inking newbie"...21 Feb
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80 bucks (up to about 4" x5") +...21 Feb
I can only assume that something has...21 Feb
Keeping the "raceway" clean is a good...15 Feb
Much of the "Sample work" handed out by...15 Feb
The 2 biggest factors are probably, but...15 Feb
The 2 biggest factors are probably, but...15 Feb
normally the firmer, and smoother the...9 Feb
ya, Windmills "can" foil stamp. there...30 Jan
Foils are not meant to be...29 Jan
watch for pre-heating foil. if it is...29 Jan
a new single phase motor will prob cost...17 Jan
if you can't find one, i can make one....3 Aug
my windmill, the oiling is the single...24 Jul