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Kluge "No-Name Clutch"11 Feb 20
copper die for printing28 Oct 19
NCIS Los Angles15 Jun 19
mid 70's Triumph Paper Cutter switch23 Feb 19
Kluges 12 x 1810 Jan 19
old CP Gripper? FREE*25 Nov 17
i got this 5lb jug of Rosin with a new/old press12 Oct 16
feed/delivery table free 28 Apr 16
novice with ink13 Apr 16
heidi cylinder "KS" one color 23 Jul 15
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if it is made for a windmill, it may...5 Jul
speed quoins are usually a dollar an...13 Jun
must shoot a .45. i do11 Jun
sorry, but unless you got something...17 May
each press will "apply pressure" a bit...16 May
leveled "properly" is according to your...15 May
If it is a "real" platen guage you...14 May
keep the craft of making your own...12 May
if you are going to persue...11 May
if you are going to persue...11 May
well, lol. a lot of times getting lucky...6 May
you should be asking for test rolls for...5 May
motor sounds nasty. need to get a...29 Apr
I think you shot me an email. i can't...23 Apr
For any of the inker presses, we would...21 Apr
Hopefully you have a very fun new toy...21 Apr
You change the cam, that's it. Simple...20 Apr
i will send you a google drive link...20 Apr
watch the video. it is not a locked out...19 Apr
once the pinion is in, turn it over by...19 Apr
ok. shortening the rod you did, "B" in...18 Apr
Your best bet is to contact me. There...18 Apr
I concur on 10w or 20w oil should...17 Apr
look carefully for any kind of hole...15 Apr
300F is pretty high. i would inverst...1 Apr
Can you elaborate? "Roller Frames" ?1 Apr
Can you elaborate? "Roller Frames" ?1 Apr
different metal surfaces, textures, and...24 Mar
LOL 23 Mar
with an old greasy, dirty Kluge, i left...23 Mar
Cam,,, yoou can call me if you like. I...20 Mar
i think you screw the side plates...19 Mar
It looks like some sort of "Seasoned or...14 Mar
Mike, this is a vertical fully auto...14 Mar
Yes, but it was awhile ago. Don't...14 Mar
Well, do your testing first, then maybe...13 Mar
Some basic electrical trouble...13 Mar
Fastest, cheapest, and prob best would...13 Mar
ok. "bent out" is not good. you may try...9 Mar
A) Those prob are, peened over a bit...9 Mar