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NCIS Los Angles15 Jun 19
mid 70's Triumph Paper Cutter switch23 Feb 19
Kluges 12 x 1810 Jan 19
old CP Gripper? FREE*25 Nov 17
i got this 5lb jug of Rosin with a new/old press12 Oct 16
feed/delivery table free 28 Apr 16
novice with ink13 Apr 16
heidi cylinder "KS" one color 23 Jul 15
sterling toggle type honeycomb base15 Nov 13
Dodge ram commercial 22 Nov 12
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if the "Gib Head" taps all the way in...18 Sep
the piece is slightly smaller than...4 Sep
large plates and cheap don't do well...3 Sep
That's all there is sometimes, is to...2 Sep
not which plate you have mine snaps...1 Sep
many years ago i worked on a kluge in...23 Aug
again, i would be willing to purchase...22 Aug
i know i have some here...20 Aug
ok. i will get back to you with a...18 Aug
? a few more details or questions with...17 Aug
until you find one, why don't you lay...7 Aug
did you see Whoopi Goldberg at the...4 Aug
enrique, i emailed you back. 30 Jul
i use 3M "Super 77" kind of expensive...29 Jul
where are you? kind of? 17 Jul
because of the "Air spaces" in uncoated...14 Jul
if it moves,,, oil it.... make sure oil...4 Jul
how's your project coming along?26 Jun
count the teeth of you drive shaft gear...21 Jun
what are you going to do at 2600 iph?...21 Jun
i ground a "V" into other end of my 18"...19 Jun
if you would like, i could send you a...17 Jun
depends on what you want to stamp....16 Jun
I run into this a lot with recycled...9 Jun
Are you hand feeding this? Is the press...7 Jun
keep an eye on what feed pile height is...26 May
keep an eye on what feed pile height is...26 May
Cool! Now i can say I know how to do...22 May
i think i emailed you, through here, a...21 May
i can get the bearings new. they are...21 May
i will take those and send/post here...18 May
looks like a "high point in the rail?...16 May
move or exchange your images (type) to...6 May
i had a guy try to scam me off Craig's...23 Apr
the curved spokes of flywheel are a...22 Apr
first in Powered/controlled flight that...20 Apr
i am "Up" in Milwaukee,, further up...9 Apr
You will prob end in the realm of 3-10;...8 Apr
if you're doing a circle, breakers...5 Apr
out side bevel with some "Breakers"...4 Apr