Letterpress printing in the cold

I gleaned a ton of great information and tips on this website thanks to all the people who share their information on here with “beginners” I just posted a post about how I have overcome some hurdles to printing in the cold and wanted to share the link. I know the topic has been on Briar Press and comes up - so thought it might be helpful.


Thank you to everyone who contributes here!

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Great information. A candle can generate a surprising amount of heat, so be careful when leaving a nice set of rollers sitting on an ink disk that has two candles burning under it. That could prove costly. I have used a hair dryer to warm up the ink disk, and one candle — works great.

A less flammable option is to use heat lamps like the ones I use for brooding baby chickens. This system allows me to move the lamps away if the disk gets to warm. Photos at my fliker.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/