Previously I posted this in the general discussion blog and got no response… and help would me most appreciated.

I wondered if I could get a few pointers as to what is the best paper to letterpress on. I have recently acquired an Adana 8 x5 and am realising that questions are starting to arise. Are there some papers/stock that work better than others? What attributes would I be looking for in a good paper/card to print on?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Kind thanks

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Hello, you can print on pretty much any paper, whatever is to hand or available to you. Buying paper in an art shop will be expensive, if you are just experimenting anything like a 90 or 110 gram stationary paper you might find in a printer or photocopier will work fine. After that you will need to look for the type of paper a specific job you are doing requires. Many new printers want to get the aesthetic of a deep impression so look for a thicker softer paper, many users on here go for a cotton rag such as Cranes Lettra, which will give you a nice result, but is expensive for learning on.

People have written and discussed this topic lots on here, so may not have responded to your initial enquiry because a search of the archives will give you a lot of information.

Best of luck, Al

tf18- there is a whole WORLD of paper out there, and most of it can be letterpressed upon. At first, I would recommend trying all sorts of different papers in small amounts so you can get a feel for what works and what does not.

I’ve found that many of the papers sold at Office Supply houses work well for learning and experimenting. I especially like some of the 50% rag content “Resume” or stationery papers. It’s easy to come by, and not too terribly expensive.