C&P 7x11 chase needed - urgent!

I am in the middle of printing and just dropped - and broke - my only chase. Any advice on finding a replacement or anyone with one to spare?!

Thanks in advance for the help….Jennifer

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Hi Jennifer,

Where are you located? I have an extra chase for a 7x11.

If you can locate a welder who can either do forge welding or brazing of cast iron or can arc weld with stainless rod (I understand that can be done with cast iron) you could have the chase repaired, probably quicker than shipping another one in. Whoever does the repair needs to know that the inside sides must be square to each other and to the flat surface the chase sits on. That’s not hard to do.

Thank you both for the comments back…I am in Cornelius, NC - just outside Charlotte.

I do in fact know a welder but won’t be able to get with him until late next week…and I’m in the middle of printing a friend’s wedding stationery.

Platenpress - please let me know about the extra chase!

Many thanks

I have a 7x11 chase that doesn’t fit in a Pearl—not sure what press it is for. What does a C&P 7x11 chase look like? Any distinguishing features?

Hi Jennifer,

Contact me at platenpress at sbcglobal.net for details.

You should have put this in the classifieds, not the discussion group.