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A 4x6 press would probably use rollers...19 Aug
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Another solution you could easily...17 Aug
Also, John M. Jones, of Palmyra, New...15 Aug
I used to use "lamp oil" (kerosene)...7 Jul
Can you post a close-up photo of the...6 Jul
When we were printing The Rich Mouse on...1 Jul
Mick, as far as I know Hoe's operation...30 Jun
This is nuts. Printers used to run...29 Jun
I lived in VA for many years and...28 Jun
You don't say where you are, but if in...27 Jun
Until they got out onto the Great...24 Jun
Another consideration is that ink...23 Jun
In Richmond, Virginia there is a...22 Jun
I wonder if the support bracket for the...18 Jun
You might include a link to help...16 Jun
Note that this press appears to have a...13 Jun
Thanks, Mick! I was going to post a...12 Jun
It looks to me like the "runners"...6 Jun
You would have to modify the mats so...4 Jun
I would suggest making a requirement...1 Jun
(duplicate comment deleted)1 Jun
In theory Hoe purchased the rights in...28 May
Remember that in the early years of...28 May
Also check to be sure the cores are the...26 May
I think the best solution is to have...25 May
Watercolor paper is available in fairly...21 May
If you have a shop vac or a fairly...18 May
A lot depends on what you intend...18 May
I would get a stiff-bristle type-brush...17 May
One solution would be to buy a...17 May
You might want to see if you can...17 May
Briar Press also supports the...9 May
Brad's advice is the only right way to...3 May
Since you're getting a refund you might...2 May
(By "chase size" he means the inside...30 Apr
You might look at light weight gear...30 Apr
I don't know how much you paid for the...27 Apr
Probably over 1000 lbs, not sure about...23 Apr