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Among the over 1200 hand presses...28 Jul
Can the owner of the troubled Albion...24 Jul
The screw fixture on the right in your...23 Jul
If you have a smooth path from where...17 Jul
The blacksnakes are pretty harmless...18 Jun
Check the front side of the winter for...4 Jun
I think probably closer to 1850. But...4 Jun
For deep impression, try a plant mister...10 May
Anne, that bolt and spring pull the...10 May
Does your press say “Golding” on...9 May
Seems like one good way might be to...16 Mar
Eric, BP is one of the most remarkable...4 Mar
Seems like an angled body almost has to...16 Jan
Andrew, when are you thinking to move...8 Oct
Degener & Weiler made Liberty presses...28 Sep
On the evidence, I would feel confident...12 Sep
Two things - a clamshell-type press...11 Aug
I believe that is type meant for use in...9 Aug
I have had success with metal type...2 Aug
My only experience/knowledge about this...18 Jul
A question not asked yet, that I can...10 Jul
I'm not sure what it's called, but I...23 Jun
It sure looks like a Sigwalt Ideal, but...16 Apr
I would think almost any dull-coated...14 Apr
Oh my goodness. I am working on a...11 Apr
Almost identical to mine, except for...20 Feb
Interested as well. I assume original...1 Feb
I have a number of PPP’s recorded in...1 Nov
Better than a “very good chance”!...29 Sep
That is a VERY early one. I believe...29 Sep
I don't recall the name of it but heavy...2 Aug
That may or may not be the same maker -...24 Jun
Just out of curiosity, where in Norway...21 Jun
You might have to make them, or have...21 Jun
I would say it is a Golding Official...19 Jun
Is there a spring connected with the...17 Jun
Sorry I used to have an American-made...16 Jun
Did you try spraying something like...15 Jun