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I outlined the link in the previous...24 Sep
Here is the press closed. Note that the...24 Sep
Here is a side view of that side of my...23 Sep
If it has a round base and the bed...20 Sep
Alva B. Taylor had been R. Hoe &Co’s...17 Sep
Does the chase fit on the bed and lock...21 Aug
If by the “Boston principle” you...20 Aug
Tarbett & Fraser was a company in...8 Aug
Have you contacted the National...31 Jul
Freeman Craw was a designer for ATF...17 Jul
I have gathered quite a bit of...2 Jul
Doug, you don’t say where you are...15 Jun
You are very lucky to have gotten a...7 Jun
Found this: Proceedings - Volume 46 -...6 Jun
One other caution - depending on the...6 Jun
I realized after I posted that “EC”...6 Jun
Apologies for the double post! Bob6 Jun
That is a real rarity! I can not make...6 Jun
It looks like a simple modification...18 Apr
If you have the photo on a computer...6 Apr
I am looking at Joseph Moxon, Mechanick...2 Mar
What do you plan to use the press for?...26 Feb
Does the bed have corner irons, either...15 Jan
Linda, please send me a larger version...13 Jan
That’s probably the only “press...23 Dec
I can’t offer much additional value...10 Dec
I would appreciate more info, and a...9 Sep
I suggest go to a paper store and look...31 Jul
Among the over 1200 hand presses...28 Jul
Can the owner of the troubled Albion...24 Jul
The screw fixture on the right in your...23 Jul
If you have a smooth path from where...17 Jul
The blacksnakes are pretty harmless...18 Jun
Check the front side of the winter for...4 Jun
I think probably closer to 1850. But...4 Jun
For deep impression, try a plant mister...10 May
Anne, that bolt and spring pull the...10 May
Does your press say “Golding” on...9 May
Seems like one good way might be to...16 Mar
Eric, BP is one of the most remarkable...4 Mar