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Watercolor paper is available in fairly...21 May
If you have a shop vac or a fairly...18 May
A lot depends on what you intend...18 May
I would get a stiff-bristle type-brush...17 May
One solution would be to buy a...17 May
You might want to see if you can...17 May
Briar Press also supports the...9 May
Brad's advice is the only right way to...3 May
Since you're getting a refund you might...2 May
(By "chase size" he means the inside...30 Apr
You might look at light weight gear...30 Apr
I don't know how much you paid for the...27 Apr
Probably over 1000 lbs, not sure about...23 Apr
I don't know if Greg Timko is still...21 Apr
I think it is clearly a paper cutter --...17 Apr
That LetterPeddlerPress is a really...15 Apr
Looks like you have at least one of...11 Apr
At one time Corning Glass had developed...10 Apr
Orchids. Dave raises and markets...10 Apr
Gotta link? Or a photo? Bob 10 Apr
I guess Virginia isn't one of those...10 Apr
I think I had a pair of 2/3 news cases...3 Apr
Very interesting! But I assume that a...3 Apr
Those are probably threaded studs...2 Apr
I would not try to move the press...1 Apr
Alternatively, if you can find a supply...29 Mar
I don't know what became of it, but...24 Mar
The key characteristic of good wood...22 Mar
I suggest examining the exposed...20 Mar
If you are indeed a novice with platen...20 Mar
It is hard to tell from your photos --...17 Mar
It also looks in the first photo like...16 Mar
I'd suggest checking your local quality...8 Mar
Is that for the Pearl 3 or Pearl 11? I...8 Mar
There is another solution of sorts --...8 Mar
You will have the problem Inky pointed...8 Mar
Yes, if the trucks are that hard to get...7 Mar
I believe Ramco Roller in California...7 Mar
I think I see the problem -- and...7 Mar
You might try to contact Churchman in...5 Mar