Hunter-Penrose desktop proofing press

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I’m looking for a relatively inexpensive flatbed press to enable letterpress and lino / woodcut relief printing up to UK A4 size. I have come across a relief printing press manufactured by Hunter Penrose in the UK. A PDF factsheet can be found here : press.pdf

Has anyone had any experience of this press or any similar designs that may fit the bill ? Any information would be gratefully received.



image: Hunter Penrose Relief Press

Hunter Penrose Relief Press

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This was the standard type of press used for initial proofing of typeset work some 50 yrs ago. OK for one-off proofs while the type was still on a galley, and where positioning did not matter, but useless as a production machine.
It also needs a hand roller and a plate for ink mixing etc as the type needs to be inked by hand for each impression.

Drucken und Lernen ( in Germany has got several similar presses. Pribably cheaper as well. They sell mainly to schools where they are being used to print linocuts. They’ll ship.

image: Picture 1.png

Picture 1.png

Bern, Thomas,

Many thanks for your comments and the useful link to Drucken & Lernen.