Replacement Rubbers for Morgan Expansion Roller Trucks

I need 6 Replacement Rubbers for my Morgan Expansion Roller Trucks (for C&P 12x18). I already contacted NA Graph but they don’t have them right now. Any other places I could find these?

I also heard somebody mentioning “Delrin Poly” in one other post about rollers. Is that something I can use instead?


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I believe NA Graphics sells them.

NA Graphics does sell them, but they have been on ‘backorder’ status for several months. I seem to remember hearing that NA Graphics was actually the manufacturer of these rubbers. They recently moved into a new location, so I am guessing that things are simply busy and they haven’t had time to replenish their stock.

Delrin is a not a different kind of rubber tireā€”it’s a different kind of truck altogether. It’s basically like a steel truck made of a high impact polymer. No expansion control, so if you want that you’d have to stick with your MERTs.

I highly recommend the Delrin trucks. They’re tough, quiet, and easy to find.

Hope that helps.

I think my friend Alan Runfeldt of the Excelsior Press has a new set for sale. You can contact him at:

[email protected]


Front Room Press
Milford, NJ

Yes, NA Graph does produce them, but they lost the box with all their replacement rubber. :(

I will look into the Delrin trucks and also contact Alan.

Thanks everybody!

Do you know the dimensions of the tire — I have a set here I got in a cabinet full of stuff. They are too big for my press (and also too big for a 10x15 press) but since I don’t have a 12x18 press to compare them too I am not sure if they are right size… If you are interested in them contact me thru the site and I can send a photo and measure them for you.

I have a full box of 12 for your c&p 8x12 - You can call me at 623-939-5142 if you interested call me ..or [email protected]