BoxCar Base for Golding Pearl

Hi there,

Just curious what sizes if anyone uses one for their golding pearl. I ordered a 6X9 deep relief base for mine. The woman I spoke with at BoxCar said it would be okay. I am just triple checking with ya’ll to see if you use anything different. Just worried about smashing pins…

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That gives you 1/2 inch on any side of the base if locked up on center—just enough to fit a quoin and maybe a thin reglet. You’d get a full inch on two sides if you lock it up in a corner of the chase. Watch your gauge pins AND GRIPPERS the first few times you go about printing. Use rubber bands between your grippers as a frisket since your grippers will have to be way out to the sides to avoid the base.

thanks so much!!!

It wouldnt hurt to have a smaller base as well, although many use one large base for everything. If you had a smaller one, you wouldnt have to crop and lose so much paper, you could actually print to size or at least closer to actual size.

You dont have to use the grippers. They are a pain, and once you get your gauge pins set up correctly, there is really not too much need for them. I never use mine.

does anyone know where I can get reglets in NYC?