Boxcar base for a Kelsey 5x8

Hi guys.

I have a 5x8 Kelsey, and will be beginning with polymer plates. I’m going to get a base from boxcar, and I’m having a hard time figuring out how it will fit in my bed. Will I need to use furniture and quoins, or does it adhere somehow? After researching on Boxcar and here I’m still unclear and could use some feedback. Thanks in advance.


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check the “Base lockup and cleaning video”

And yes, you will need quoins and furniture to lock in in the chase!

And be sure to get a small enough base to leave room for grippers and gauge pins.


I can help with new wood furniture and small quoins if you
need them.


I’d definitely be interested in getting wood furniture and small quoins for my press. Do you have a website, or can I email you for more information?

I have a Kelsey 5x8 with a boxcar base- they cut it down for me to 4.25x7.25 and I can fit one quoin on the top and one on the side.