Need help identifying this little press

This press has a chase measuring 2 3/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches. The base is only 7 inches long with holes for mounting. The press is only 9 inches from the front of the base to the end of the handle. No markings of any kind. Has anyone ever seen one of these? Thanks, Ron

image: Press w ruler (824 x 618).jpg

Press w ruler (824 x 618).jpg

image: press 3 (824 x 618).jpg

press 3 (824 x 618).jpg

image: press 2 (824 x 618).jpg

press 2 (824 x 618).jpg

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Is is what is known as a rail press. An “A” rail because of the casting.

Look at the slide show on my web site.


Is that an ink plate on top? Gee, it’s only two inches wide! I’d like to see the brayer for that.

According to Elizabeth Harris, it is probably a Daisy.

image: Daisy Box.jpg

Daisy Box.jpg

Thanks so much for all your helpful comments. Ron