Proofer Identification

Hi all, my first posting here… I’m thinking of dipping my foot back into Letterpress after a long period of working in offset shops - I look after a prepress dept in a medium size firm - I completed a trade certificate in Letterpress/Offset when I first left school - spent a few years running platens & a two colour cylinder (flat bed with rotary unit above).

I’ve got a good Idea about the sort of printing I want to do - I think to achieve this I’d need an auto platen + a ludlow with a good range of mats and a good size proofing press.

Ive come across a rather large proofer that looks like a Vandercook but is named a (Binswanger & Kienle) it’s got electric drive on both inking unit & cylinder travel - might be of late 1960’s vintage - has a big bed - roughly 85x63cm - any thoughts about all of this?

regards gtrevor

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Please post photos.