I need to get some paper duplexed (NYC) where to go?

Hi all,

I rushed into designing a project which utilizes a very specific combination of colors of GF Smith Colorplan paper — assuming that they would be able to duplex “perfect blue #1” to “perfect blue #2.” However, while they have very reasonable rates for duplexing their 270 gsm paper, no lighter weight duplex options are available. Since my project involves a fold, I need a duplex made from either two 135 gsm sheets or two 175 gsm sheets (the 270gsm X 2 is just too thick.)

Apparently GF Smith’s machines have trouble with the lighter weight paper and they won’t do it.

So I’m in a bind (no pun intended) where I need to get this paper glued together. I’m hoping that the solution does not entail endless cans of spray mount. Does anyone know anyone in the NYC area who has the equipment (and willingness) to do this?

Project details—

I have:
~ 60 parent sheets of Perfect Blue #1 (26 x 35)
~ 60 parent sheets of Perfect Blue #2 (26 x 35)

* Either 135 gsm or 175 gsm paper (let me know what is possible- 135 gsm would be better for me)

I want:
~ 60 parent sheets of duplex paper with Perfect Blue #1 on one side and Perfect Blue #2 on the other

Any advice will be appreciated. Even if you don’t know a specific company that would be willing to do this job… I don’t even know where to look in the yellow pages.

Thank you again, letterpress community,


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Colorplan is now able to duplex the 175 gsm sheets in house.

err… Gf Smith

Hi Kelli,

I’ve been looking for a rep for GF Smith’s colorplan to no avail. Are you in the US? If so, who do you go through?



The book “Japanese Bookbinding- Instructions from a Master” by Kojiro Ikegami has a nice set of instructions for duplexing paper, if you want to try it for yourself.

It’s actually a very simple process…. and for only 60 sheets of paper, it might be worth your time to look into it. A few years ago we did 500 17 x 23 sheets by that method for a special book project. With two people, it took one day of actual work, and then a few days of drying in a book-press. The end result was well worth the effort.

Dave aka WCP

Hi Kelli,

We do the duplexing as well as letterpress, engraving, etc in house. Maybe we can be of service.

Karen Phelps
Dickson’s Inc.